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Block of 10 or Andersson system

In 10 thematic blocks, this physically oriented scene analysis enables actors to prepare for a shoot or casting in an autonomous and industry-compatible way. The method was specially designed for the fast-paced day-to-day shooting without rehearsals with the director on set and gives professional actors both real depth and true lightness at the same time. The technique is based on the ability of imagination and emotional body memory and deliberately avoids the use of personal wounds from one’s own biography, as well as substitutions.

In the course, the following questions, among others, are underpinned with practical, sensual, physical and mental exercises:

My character’s perspective: how is my character’s point of view expressed in the scene? Relationships: What are the essential relationships of my character in the scene and how and through what do they change? Intention: What do I want from the other character and why? Key experience: What makes my character behave the way she does in the scene? Similarities and differences: what if I, as an actor, behave completely differently to the character? What bridges can I build? And many more.

This form of scene analysis also offers directors a quick and practical approach to preparing the script and composing the individual characters in the book. The Andersson system uses a vocabulary that elevates communication with actors on set directly to eye level, so that the vision of the scene or character can be clearly stated by the director without blocking the actor’s intuition with result-oriented instructions.

The course comprises approx. 20-25 hours and can be booked individually or in groups (from 2 people). Live in Berlin and online via Zoom.


The Wild Workout takes place every month. An online camera acting course that focuses on the creation of characters. I deliberately set a task that addresses the artistic, anarchic muscle of the actors in order to counteract the reflex of wanting to “do it right”. In a mini video lesson, I explain the task and the effect it aims to achieve.

Based on a scene or a specific task, you have 5 days to shoot a clip and send it to me. Within the following 3 days you will receive personal and constructive feedback from me.

ATTENTION: The last workout is on September 11, 2023 and you can book it here. After that comes a new format!