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Casting and shooting preparation

Time on the set is increasingly tight.

Filming preparation

To keep your focus on the character during a hectic day of filming, you need a clear path to follow. We create a deep and at the same time light-footed level of play with tangible tools from the 10 Block or Andersson System, among others – a reliable technique whose principles of action work no matter how you may be feeling in your private life. Nevertheless, stage directions can be integrated effortlessly without diminishing the reference to the preparation. I also work with Chekhov’s physical-imaginative exercises and my accumulated knowledge of archetypal playing fields, genres, character arcs and dramaturgy.

Casting preparation

During casting preparation, I make sure that the scene we work on does one thing above all else for you: To make you want to see more of yourself. Without sucking anything out of our fingers, we look for versions of the scene that stand out from the competition and effectively immortalize you in the memory of the casting directors.

If an ecasting is to be submitted, we can also record it in my studio in Berlin. With my experience as a filmmaker, I also support you with the use of the medium of film and the visual language. I also pay attention to the different requirements and viewing habits of German and international casting directors.

On request, I can take over the technical follow-up of the e-casting.

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