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Fabienne Hollwege

Working with Theresa is never work, always a journey of discovery and adventure to the depths and shallows, to the light as well as heavy moments of the characters. Her preparation for shoots is a great asset and the varying suggestions on how to approach scenes, fill me each time with curiosity and anticipation for an upcoming coaching session.

Photo: Véronique Kolber @veroniquekolber


“I have been working very successfully with Theresa as a coach for many years and I am always amazed at the creativity and personality she brings to helping you approach scenes and characters. Whether eCastings, preparation for live castings, recalls or shoots – when working with Theresa there is never the 08/15 solution off the shelf. I’m always particularly impressed by the fact that I’m never bound to a rigid corset because of chosen decisions, but thanks to the special preparation, I can always implement directorial wishes or scene changes freely and openly, even on set, with great ease, without losing the core and the basic idea of the role.”

Photo: Jan Stapelfeldt @jan.stapelfeldt_photography

Foto dekorativ


“All I can say is thank you! Coaching with Theresa has been great fun for me every time.

I always felt very well taken care of and prepared, and was then able to work relaxed on set. And no matter what the role, Theresa always finds the little humorous moments in a scene without sacrificing the depth or seriousness of the character.”

Photo: © Achim Hehn


“Role development with Theresa is like an inspiring and intense adventure journey, both for the role and for me as a person. Theresa’s advice and suggestions helped me feel the role more intensely and portray it more authentically.”

Photo: Alan Ovaska @alan.ovaska


“Preparing with Theresa makes me feel incredibly confident on set.
Come what may – stress or scene change – I only need to read my notes and everything is there. The preparation is incredibly fun, efficient and I get great impulses that I hadn’t thought of before.”

Photo: Luis Zeno Kuhn @luiszenokuhn

Janina wreath

“Theresa is the best coach I have worked with.

She is 100% honest, but at the same time extremely funny, so that the work
with her hardly feels like work and suddenly, BANG, you have
a really good result and an even better feeling. Thank you for everything, Theresa!”

Photo: Sercan Sevindik @photographerduh

Nika Weckler

“I love working with Theresa. Whether it’s copywriting prep, recording an eCasting with her as my coach, or getting the most out of a character. Theresa is very empathetic and works individually with everyone in the way he or she needs to create something great.”

Photo: Jeanne Degraa @jeannedegraa

Marco Sykora

“Theresa manages in an incomparable way to open doors of potential long thought closed and to cultivate the joy of playing, of developing a character. I really enjoy working with her because she is not only noticeably wholeheartedly passionate about the cause, but also about the person she is coaching. Without being restrictive, with a lot of humor and always with the player(s) in mind.”

Photo: Jens Lamprecht @jenslamprecht_photography

Anja Gräfenstein

“Never without Theresa!

Passionate and with an infinite knowledge about people and how to
characteristically affectionate to the point. It motivates me to try unconventional ways of playing, courageously and with relish.

As a result, I remain in the memory and draw lasting insights from our collaboration myself every time. It is a real pleasure to work with her every time. Thank you!!!”

Photo: Andreas Tobias

A heartfelt thanks

for the provision of the photos and teasers goes to

Janina Kranz, Isa Kaupp Rivadeneira, Anja Mentzendorff, Sophie Boettcher, Magda Grauvogl, Pablo Leon Herrera and Phillip Sponbiel.

Furthermore, I bow to Michael Stumm, the graphic designer I grow old with, Mareen Eichinger of Macheete PR Agency, who luckily really knows digital where I’m analog, and to all the other deviants who encouraged me to jump.