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Don’t wait. Make a sample.

A sample is a strategically well-considered clip that aims to entice the casting director to not only consider you for the upcoming casting, but to change their entire relationship with you.

A sample shows an acting side of you that is uncopyable, absolutely unique and simply makes you want to see more of yourself.

Finding and designing this figure is my expertise and greatest passion.

The sample follows the optical parameters of a self-tape. It is recorded in the studio without shot and counter-shot. No cut. Just the figure. No distractions, no messing around.

Teaser from a sample with Volkmar Leif Gilbert.

Teaser from a sample with Nika Weckler.

Teaser from a sample with Lisa Gümpel.

Teaser from a sample with Marco Sykora.

Is a sample like that enough?

Since the pandemic at the latest, casting has been a natural part of everyday casting. CDs are used to judging actors by this. It’s all about one thing: do you make people want more of you so much that they can’t forget you? And whether a drone is flying in a showreel scene, one great camera shot follows the next, or the location is a blast, it doesn’t matter at all.

By the way: extraordinary self-tapes are stored internally so that your agent and the casting director can fight for you. Especially if you don’t have such a performance on your showreel. So how about supplying them not just under the counter, but legally? Ask your agent!

What do you see in the sample?

Only you. You and your figure are the absolute focus. I use the means of classical visual language to support you in this.

Where is the sample recorded?

In my studio in Berlin. With props and costume.

Not a single cut? Honestly?

Honest. You can do it.

How does a shoot like this actually work?

After you have booked a sample in the store, you will automatically receive a questionnaire. While you take your time to think about the answers, I’ll sift through your material. Once I receive the answers, I’ll have enough fodder to start looking for a suitable scene that meets both your artistic aspirations and my strategic recommendation for you in the industry – taking into account the rest of your material. I’ll present the scene to you in an online meeting and if you like it, we’ll get started. If not, I’ll keep looking. Your agency is also welcome to comment at this stage.

How do we get started?

With Wild Sample, the entire focus is on the character and not on proving acting skills. We create this character together in an intensive rehearsal. We also discuss costumes and necessary props here. I can recommend a hand-picked partner, but of course you can also bring someone into the game. The players I suggest take a fee.

Shooting takes place at a second meeting, ideally 1-2 days after the rehearsal. In a concentrated session of around three hours, we work on the figure until we all shout “Yeah baby” or you collapse exhausted. I will not rest before that. You can count on it.

Why are you advising me to pay my approach partner?

In order to prevent the player from getting a money job at short notice, he or she may have to be blocked. This is the only way to ensure that the shoot can take place safely. Trust me – I am long-suffering.

Why isn’t it enough for a colleague to read the scene to me?

For the sample to really pick up speed, it needs a prepared actor, not a reader. Only when you are both in the flow with each other does the game really make the difference. Rustling notes in your hand are a killer – and not just for the sound!

What if my agency has a different idea than I do?

Talk to her! At the end of the day, it’s about whether your agent can push you with the material.

Why can’t I do all this alone at home?

Go ahead.

Can’t we just set up a second camera and shoot my partner at the same time? We then share the costs for the sample.

Nah, the package always refers to only one person.

Teaser from a sample with Doreen Kähler.

Teaser from a sample with Anne Greis.

Teaser from a sample with Marie Rose Kahrenke.