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What is a sample?

A sample is a strategically cleverly chosen work sample,

that invites the casting director to not only think of you the next time they cast you, but to change their entire relationship with you.

The sample follows the optical parameters of the Selftape and belongs in your portfolio.

Teaser from a sample with Marco Sykora.

Teaser from a sample with Nika Weckler.

Teaser from a sample with Sophie Boettcher.

Teaser from a sample with Isa Kaupp Rivadeneira.

What do you see in the sample?

Your figure is the absolute focus. To support this, we use the classic visual language of film.

Where is the sample recorded?

In the studio. With props and costume.

Not a single cut? Honestly?

Honest. You can do it.

How does a shoot like this work in practice?

I’ll send you some questions to answer. In the meantime, I’ll sift through your material. Once I have your answers, I’ll have enough fodder to start looking for a scene that fits both your artistic yearning and my recommendation for you in the industry. I’ll present the scene to you in an online meeting and if you like it, we’ll get started.

You can also bring your agency on board at this stage.

How do we get started?

With Wild Sample, the whole focus is on character. We create this in an intensive rehearsal. Here we also clarify your costume and necessary props. I can recommend a handpicked partner, but you can also bring someone into the game yourself. The players I suggest you take a fee.

Then it is turned. In an intense session of about three hours, we’ll work on the figure until we all shout “Yeah Baby” or you collapse exhausted. I will not rest before that. Count on it.

Why are you advising me to pay my approach partner?

So that your player doesn’t have to accept the dubbing job at short notice, he or she may have to have his or her schedule blocked. Trust me – I am long-suffering.

What if my agent imagines something different than I do?

Talk to her or him about it! The goal of all this is to sell you. You may have an industry view of yourself. But maybe you need to prove to your agent first that nursing isn’t all you can be booked for.

Why can’t I just do this all by myself at my house?

Go for it!

Can’t you just set up a second camera and shoot my playing partner at the same time? We then share the cost of a sample!

Nah, the package always refers to only one person.

If the alliterator likes the scene so much that she/he wants to shoot it too, is that possible?

Sure. Talk to me.

Is a sample like that enough? Don’t casting directors want a real scene with all the trimmings?

Whether a drone is flying in your showreel scene, one great camera shot follows the next, or the location is the bomb, it doesn’t matter at all for everyday casting. It’s all about one thing: are you giving the casting director ideas? (By the way, this is why selftapes are stored internally, so that your agent and the caster can fight for you. So how about supplying them legally from now on, not just under the counter? Ask your agent ­čśë

Teaser from a sample with Pablo Leon Herrera.

Teaser from a sample with Magda Grauvogl.