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In Short

I have been creating characters in front of and behind the camera for over 20 years.

Equipped with solid tools and a penchant for anarchy, I encourage actors and actresses to take artistic risks.

Photo: © Jeanne Degraa

Whole Story

It all started with drama and hasn’t stopped to this day. My roots are in the theater. Film was added in the course of my acting studies at the MUK in Vienna. In my constant search for a technique that would allow me to autonomously express my thoughts on a figure, I finally found what I was looking for at the “Tankstelle für Künstler zum Auftanken” in Berlin. Inspired by the reliability of this technique, I decided to train as a certified acting coach with Sigrid Andersson in order to give my desire to create a deeper foundation. I started working as a trainer for camera acting during my 2-year training, regularly supervised practice classes and accompanied professional actors during casting and filming preparations with great success. Since then, I have worked with well over 1000 actors on a wide variety of projects, many of them continuously for many years.

Pure curiosity

made me take the path as a filmmaker. I cast, directed, produced and sent seven short films on national and international festival tours. The interweaving of the individual departments led to an ever deeper understanding of the film industry and improved my skills as a coach and actress in equal measure. One of the most important and formative changes of perspective was when I assisted casting director Liza Stutzky in casting the children and young people in the “Souls” project.

As an actress, I continually attend national and, above all, international workshops to keep learning and stay inspired.

I teach

Because I would have liked to have had all this interdisciplinary and independent knowledge at my disposal as a young person, teaching at film universities and drama schools is one of my highly valued tasks: Konrad Wolff, HMDK Stuttgart, ISFF Berlin, Actors Space Berlin, Skuespillerakademiet Copenhagen and HFF Munich. Since 2021 I have been coaching the mentees of Into the Wild for their pitches. In recent years, the aspect of self-marketing has been increasingly added, as I deeply believe in the autonomy of artists and too often miss this in the mindset of actors. In short: I teach everything that I have gone through and understood first-hand and impart everything that I know and can do.