Battle plan “Let’s get visible”

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Battle plan

Why you should
– especially in German-speaking countries –
can’t afford not to curate your showreel.

In Germany, an enormous amount of roles are filled directly from the production line, i.e. without prior casting.

Without a fun strategy for the future in the acting industry and hoping that, with a bit of luck, ability will prevail, this is not a concept, but rather aimless dreaming. Actively shape your path instead of passively waiting for someone to find you.

One aspect of this strategic path is to turn your portfolio into your personal wish list, rather than showing what you’ve shot in the past. The moment you know what you want and where your niche is, the projects, genres and filmmakers you should get in touch with will become clear.

If you say now: Stop! Showreel = wish list?

I want to know more about that right away! Then take the shortcut:

Otherwise, this is where we delve a little deeper into the art of strategic thinking.

It’s worth thinking about,

what artistic ideas you want to inspire casting directors with! I have developed two concepts for battle plans, depending on where you are in your acting life:

No 1: "Let's get visible"

The widespread concept of positioning yourself in such a way that you could be cast for anything and therefore, to be on the safe side, show EVERYTHING you’ve done so far is well-intentioned, but dilutes your brand! Primark vs Boutique.

What you need is a selection that specializes in your uniqueness so that you can be remembered!

Or in Austin Kleon’s words: “It’s not enough to be good. In order to be found, you have to be findable.”

We can talk about your specific goals and how I can help you achieve them in a free 15-minute Zoom call.

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No 2: "Image change"

Teach them how to book you!

Another phenomenon that I often experience in coaching is that actors and actresses are bothered by being cast for the same type of role over and over again. Either because they have played in a series for a long time and have become known for a certain type, or because the showreel and previous requests and bookings have cemented this type.

But if you put yourself in a CD’s head just once, it becomes clear that this is not due to his or her lack of imagination, but that a showreel featuring a high-status lawyer, doctor or teacher three times will reliably land another high-status role. If a CD is looking for an actress who embodies exactly what he or she is looking for, the one flickering across the screen will be cast. And guess what: This is the big opportunity! The magic word is: change your image! Teach the recruiters what they can hire you for from now on! Incidentally, this applies not only to the national market, but also to the international market! Teach them how to book you!

Are you interested in the “image change” battle plan?

Book an appointment for a free 15-minute Zoom call with me. Here we can talk about your individual questions regarding an image change in the industry and how I can support you. “Image change” only takes place in 1:1 coaching! Live in Berlin and via Zoom.