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Photo von Saskia Weisheit. Copyright: Torbjörn Karvang


Starting shot on 20.03.2023

At the 3rd WILD SAMPLE ACTING TOURNAMENT everything revolves around the crime genre.

As every time, this is not about displaying virtuoso acting skills, but about making powerful, artistic choices for extraordinary characters that will be remembered.

I am very happy that the director Saskia Weisheit will take the seat of the final jury to choose the finalists.

Photo by Saskia Weisheit: © Torbjörn Karvang

Procedure Acting Tournament

Monday, 10 am

  • You choose one from a pool of scenes, record it and send it to me by

Tuesday, 3 pm

Wednesday, 5 pm

  • Receive personal feedback from me via voicemail with specific tips that you implement in a second round with the same scene. For this time you have until

Thursday, 3 pm

Friday, 5 pm

  • I’ll send you feedback again, based on which you’ll choose a second scene from the pool, record it and upload it. For this new scene you have time until

Saturday, 3 pm

  • On SUNDAY I review all new scenes, give you a third feedback and send the finalists to Saskia Weisheit, who chooses the first runners-up. There will be three first place winners in the male read category and three in the female read actress* category.
  • The first place winners will also receive feedback from Saskia.


  • The 2 third place winners will be posted on Instagram with their video.


  • The 2 runners-up will be posted on Instagram with their video.


  • The 2 first place winners will be posted on Instagram with their video and Saskia’s feedback.

Costs & Participation

59 €

incl. 19% VAT
Number of participants limited
Actors* from 18-99 years

Binding registration
Photo von Saskia Weisheit. Copyright: Torbjörn Karvang


Saskia Weisheit was born in Cologne and has been working for many years as a director, writer and producer for film and television, both nationally and internationally.

Whether it’s a documentary, film or series – working with the actors means the heart of every shoot for her.

Saskia Weisheit is a member of BVR and, in addition to film work, works as a lecturer at the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences in Cologne.

Saskia Weisheit on Crew United

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